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RCFE Admission Agreement Update: Is your licensing agreement compliant with CCLD standards? Chances are good, if you haven`t made any changes in the last 12 months, you`re no longer compliant. The good news is that we can help! We are constantly updating our RCFE certification agreement to comply with the rules. Only $199! If you have any questions or concerns about your family`s admission agreement, call CANHR at 1-800-474-1116. In some cases, some limited conditions may require the termination of the host contract and the transfer of the Community. Some of these conditions may require the community to meet additional regulatory and human requirements. These conditions are limited: As you can imagine, with a drastic drop in rcFE compliance investigations, there will be fewer opportunities for the social services department to check things like the authorization agreement. However, the approval agreement will be reviewed when DSS receives a complaint about one aspect of the agreement. This means that it will be very important for residents and their family members to allay any concerns they have about the illegal provisions and practices associated with their admission contracts with DSS. The current statutes of the RCFE accreditation agreements are available in the Health and Safety Code No. 1569.651, 1569,655 and 1569,880 to 1569,888 (

Title 22 regulations for RCFes can also be accessed at Each RCFE must publish a full copy of the approval agreement or notice of its availability in a striking manner. Institutions must also, upon request, provide a copy of the agreement to any potential resident or resident. What`s the matter? There are several laws that require certain words to be included in each admission agreement. Our overall agreement is more than 45 pages long. We have listed below some useful information in our authorization contract. What is an authorization contract? A hospitality contract contains all documents that a resident or responsible person must sign at the time of admission or as a condition of approval. It establishes the responsibilities of the establishment and the residents. As we reported in the Fall 2003 issue of the lawyer, SB 211 (DunnSanta Ana) was signed by the Governor and creates new protection for thousands of alumni in California`s Seniors` Reception Centres (RCF).

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