What Is A Cdc Cooperative Agreement

Question: If a currently funded centre is considering renewing a project for the next funding cycle, in what section of the application should the Centre contain information on past performance? Should the results achieved so far be a separate section proposed for renewal, included in the renewal proposal or both ways, and differentiated according to the sections of the application? Answer: When a current centre plans to include the project for the next funding round, it will submit information on past performance both in the overall research strategy and in the search strategy of the research project components. Please follow the instructions of this part of the funding notice: Section IV. Information on applications and submissions in both components (global and research projects) under the subtitle PHS 398 Research Plan /Research Strategy. During the last project period, renewal applications may provide past achievements or achievements on key scientific achievements. Question: Is there a page limit in the app for past performance information? Answer: Please follow the instructions of the funding notice in Section IV. Application and transmission information, page restrictions. The funding announcement indicates that past achievements/achievements should be described in the research strategy for each element (global, eval core plan, outreach core, pilot program, research project). Renewal applications submitted by existing centres may, during the last project period, provide past achievements or achievements that relate to key scientific achievements. The funding announcement contains additional pages in the search strategy (for each item) for extension requests. The reviewer may use his discretion to decide how many pages for past results within the page limit shown in the table. The researcher cannot submit more pages than the limit indicated in the research strategy table. Question: Could you specify the lateral limits for the scientific sections of the application? In particular, do side restrictions have specific objectives? Is there a unilateral limit to specific objectives? Answer: Yes, the funding announcement sets a unilateral limit for specific objectives. Please follow the instructions in the Section IV funding notice.

Application and transmission information, page restrictions. The CDC provides financial assistance in the form of grants if, for the duration of the grant, there is no proven need for substantial representation of agencies that go beyond normal monitoring and monitoring activities. CDC provides financial support in the form of cooperation agreements when the CDC expects significant participation beyond normal monitoring and monitoring activities.

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